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A world wide brief

When we first started to work with Shell Global Solutions the challenge was to unpick their brand and reintroduce them with three distinct levels of customer proposition. In the end everyone referred to our solution as the ‘Washes Whiter Approach’. We rolled it out over the world and it clarified Shell GS’s place on the planet and helped win them millions of dollars of new contracts.

If you want to know how ‘Washes Whiter’ worked, just ask us!

International Award Winning Advertising

The Wall Street Journal and other Financial Press throughout the world helped us redefine the Shell GS customer proposition. Unpicking what went before and repositioning them in the international arena – and winning an effectiveness award to boot!

A Quick Pit Stop

One of the great pleasures of working with Shell GS was their partnership with the Ferrari F1 team. So you can imagine how excited we all were to work on the marketing that supported that partnership throughout the world.

Our work was translated into seventeen languages, as the Grand Prix season moved around the globe. Although, sad to say, we never actually got our hands on the car.

Climate Change and Sustainability

In supporting Shell at the Kyoto conference on Climate Change. By carefully sourcing papers, inks and suppliers that could prove a zero carbon footprint, we produced Shell’s first carbon neutral brochure.