About us

Our Vision

The industry of advertising and marketing has changed enormously and we’ve witnessed, and been a part of, the digital revolution, the growth in specialised media as well as the mass development of mainstream media. During this time of increasing change one thing has remained constant – and that’s a need to deliver a significant return on our client’s investment, no matter what the channel.

And that’s one thing we’re incredibly good at quantifying, delivering and proving and we have a way of putting our money where our mouth is; just ask us when we meet.

We’ve changed people’s behaviour, increased clients profits and sometimes we’ve even saved lives. And we’ve done it initially with talent and enthusiasm; and now we do it with experience and proven, psychological solutions.

Our Values

At brandtrain we create not just impact and return on investment, but lasting impressions and relationships. We do this through a unique and powerful mix of consumer psychology and proven creative.

For us it alway has been, and always will be, all about three little words: results, results, results!