October, 2013 Articles

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Freudian Ghostbusters, your brain – and what it really thinks about the food you eat!

25 / 10 / 2013

Our brain is a truly amazing bit of kit. As true as that statement is, I’m guessing as a Masters Student, I’m probably going to need to add a bit...

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Cats, Google and the pleasure to be found in a worldwide computer meltdown

18 / 10 / 2013

I’m guessing that anyone remotely interested in Psychology would have had to be living in a box with Schrödinger’s cat, to have missed out on Behavioural Modification theory. Specifically Operant Conditioning,...

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Belonging and Brand Loyalty – why it’s so important to us all

09 / 10 / 2013

Now let’s start at the beginning; and by the beginning, I really mean the very beginning. You see, I’m a massive fan of Evolutionary Psychology. The more I read, the more...

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